Shahrukh Khan Car Collection

Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction. He is a highly acclaimed actor in Bollywood, rather a superstar. He is not only an actor but a film producer and television host.

What are the Luxury cars Shahrukh Khan? How many cars does Shahrukh Khan own?

ShahRukh Khan and Wife Gauri Kahn wih BMW 7

Shahrukh Khan owned a hatchback when he was studying but now he is a proud owner of multiple luxury cars including likes of Mitsubishi pajero (The car costs approximately Rs 20 lacs) and an Audi…

ShahRukh Khan car Collection mitsubishi_pajero

audi Q7

Shahrukh Khan recently purchases, Audi A6 not for him but his children Aryan and Suhana. Shahrukh himself uses a white BMW 7 series costs 1.25 Cr and BMW 6 series costs 85 lakhs, which he is very fond of.

ShahRukh Khan car Collection

Mercedes Benz S class

Well, list does not ends here, SRK also owns a Land Cruiser and a blue Rolls Royce.

Land Cruiser

Rolls Royce

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